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February 2013

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[kingdom hearts] axel - burn baby

fabulousnotion in sp_friendmeme

UM hi

Name/Nickname: dannette - but i might be more recognized as fabulousnotion.

Age: 26

What's in your journal: a lot of really old vaugeblogging from when i was an angsty youth. i'd like to use it more -- maybe to post things that i write but mostly i'm too nervous.

Favorite SP Episode(s): uhhhh that's really hard. i love mr. hankey's christmas classics, rainforest shmainforest, the coon and imaginationland trilogy, guitar queero, south park is gay, uhh the list goes on.

Favorite SP Character(s): probably stan.

Favorite SP Pairing(s): stan/kyle, gregory/christophe, kenny/butters, cartman/kenny/butters.

Do you actively participate in SP fandom: ummmm i post fanart that i find on pixiv on tumblr to share with the world. there are a few things that i have written that are also hiding in my tumblr.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: i work a lot so there are a whole lot of things that i used to do that i don't do enough anymore. i love theatre and performing and i was decent in singing at one time. i really enjoy musicals -- i enjoy them so much that i can't watch them because it makes me crazy with theatre fever. i like reading when i have time, but mostly i watch netflix with my girlfriend and our seven cats. so i love cats. and my girlfriend. i love rp and it takes up all my time when i am not working and when i am also working. we rp in paragraph style and pretty much just write novels back and forth through email. i also love popcorn.

Other fandoms you like: i am having a love affair with the les miserables fandom because i made the mistake of watching the movie. but i swear to god gregory/christophe had to have been created from enjolras/grantaire. my girlfriend and i also renamed the the characters to stanrius and kylesette. i used to be huge into kingdom hearts -- and i love the series dearly, but i just don't have time for video games anymore. also the final fantasy series, walking dead, south park, and oh yeah south park.

Anything else you'd like to share: i used to be really into typing correctly and using the shift key, but that all died when i went through my bachelor's program. i am very shy but i am super friendly and i adore everyone in this fandom and i love all the artists and writers. i am always the stalker to stalks for forever and is too scared to leave reviews and yet i hope to be noticed??? i'm really dumb.


Man, don't be scared to leave reviews! I think that's a thing in this fandom, I'm not sure why, but I've heard a few people say so. Actually I can relate, because for a long time I was afraid to leave comments on art, since I don't have much art vocabulary and could only be like, 'I love how Stan is holding his fork!! It's so STAN!!' which I feared sounded idiotic, but I love getting comments like that as a writer, where the person just points out the details or scenes that they enjoyed, and actually it's even better if they also point out what they didn't enjoy/what didn't work for them, because then I can hopefully learn something. Glad you're still around on LJ!
Here's another hello, and welcome to this friendly corner of South Park fandom. It's good to see another cat person here :)

Let me echo what formerdinosaur said about reviews: I imagine most writers enjoy getting feedback on their work, and it makes my day when someone takes a moment just to say something like 'loved your story' or 'it warmed my heart', or it made me happy / sad / think / ROTFL, etc. It's almost like getting a paycheck ;-)
Hi! I have noticed you around the internet before!

I'm actually making an effort to be braver about leaving reviews (or comments I guess is a better word for the dumb stuff I usually have to say). I don't know why I get nervous about it, besides the fear that somebody will think I'm an idiot? But I do sincerely feel like other people potentially thinking they are unappreciated is worse than people potentially thinking I'm an idiot so, I don't know man, I'm trying to do better I guess is what I am saying.

Also, I enjoy popcorn as well. I feel we now share a very deep connection. This brings me happiness.