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February 2013

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Eric Glasses

labyrinth1n3 in sp_friendmeme


Name/Nickname: Rinth
Age: 24
What's in your journal: A lot of old entries, actually. I made this journal when I was 14 so it's approaching it's 10th birthday! So there's stuff from when I was into anime, stuff from when I was a hardcore Style fan/Anti-Kyman fan, and then the recent stuff when I started shipping different stuff. Anything I'd post now would be stuff I'm writing or the occasional update on life. Sometimes I make stupid graphics or MSPaint drawings for the hell of it but I mostly write!
Favorite SP Episode(s): Christmastime in Canada and Crack Baby Basketball. _confunded_ and I made a top ten for each of us and of course I forgot most of them. It was a very VERY hard list to make.
Favorite SP Character(s): I love the four boys equally for very different reasons. Cartman will always hold a special place in my heart, but I love Kyle's inner turmoil, I love Stan's hero complex and how his inherent flaws impact that role, and of course I love Kenny's selflessness and how he too has a hero complex but how that trait is often times overlooked by his friends.
Favorite SP Pairing(s): Kyman, but Style means a lot to me and Kenny/Everyone is always game. Also Gregstophe. All other pairings I am pretty much neutral about.
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: I write when I have time, and now that I've finished grad school I have more of it! I'm currently editing my big story but I do want to write more in general.
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Traveling, Biking, Cosplaying, Chillin', Sewing, Anything to do with Germany, International Relations, LGBT Issues, also crafts.
Other fandoms you like: Batman, Avengers, Sherlock, Les Mis, Homestuck, and I'm getting into more and more.
Anything else you'd like to share: I would love for there to be more unity in the fandom, and I know the first steps towards achieving such consensus is creating more dialogue and fruitful discussion. I think Livejournal is a great platform (its always worked in the past!) so I'm going to try it out again! I might be a Kyman fan but I know my roots.


Hi there! Welcome aboard, and good to have you with us :)