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February 2013



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Dec. 30th, 2012


What are you working on?

In an unexpected but welcome burst of inspiration, I wrote almost 1,500 words this morning for the "Poseidon Adventure" crossover I'm working on for SPBB2013, and with any luck I'll have the next chapter of my ongoing Kenny/Butters saga ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8745002/1/When-I-Make-A-Promise finished and posted in a day or so. It's going much slower than I thought it would.

So...anyone else here doing anything South Parky today? ;)

Dec. 28th, 2012



Stenny Forever~

Name/Nickname Stella  

Age:  twenty-six

What's in your journal:  honestly? Nothing. LOL. I post / reblog on tumblr. I'm here to hopefully make new chatting friends and/or RP partners. :B  

Favorite SP Episode(s):  Rainforest Shmainforest, Free Hat!, Whale Whores, Child Abduction Is Not Funny, Cartman Finds Love, The Mysterion Saga, annnd thats just off the top of my head.

Favorite SP Character(s):  Stan, Eric and Tweek

Favorite SP Pairing(s):  STENNY, Creek, Kyman - the usual.

Do you actively participate in SP fandom:  I post fan art sometimes on dA or tumblr. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to RP one-on-one paragraph style story lines. Uhm, other than that I guess the biggest contribution I've made to the fandom is being an active bad influence on xNowherex and ultimately motivated, convinced held her at gun point  to post her NSFW fan art! Yep. And she can beat my ass later for this if she ever sees it. 

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom:  Come again?

Other fandoms you like: have a shit-ton however m activ fandoms (at this moment)  are South Park Slash, I'm a Brony, and Rise of the Guardians (Jack/Jamie plzkthnx)

Anything else you'd like to share:  
I hardly check LJ, though I get emails when I get comments/messages. If you wanna chat the best way is to contact me directly through any of the nonsense on my user page.


nice to meet you all!

Name/Nickname: joxem (here, on tumblr and DA)
Age: 24
What's in your journal: Various stuff about my life, things I like... but lately I haven´t used lj very muc
Favorite SP Episode(s): mm...Guitar queer-o, Cartmanland, Good time with weapons, awesom-o, pee, Night of the living homeless, follow that egg... those are who come to mind now but probably there are more ^^!
Favorite SP Character(s): Kyle! even when I didn´t know much about the show... idk he has "something" that attracts me (?) followed by Stan :B
Favorite SP Pairing(s) Style since the first day... I knew immediately those two are perfect for each other. And Crenny too (even though Creek was first
Do you actively participate in SP fandom yeah, I suppose
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: sleep, read, imagine stories that will never see the light... mmm yeah, that´s all XD how sad ;;
Other fandoms you like: I have liked many other series/movies but this is the first non-anime series I really like...  and the first time I´m active into a fandom after a few years (haha yeah, I´m a silent observant most of the time xD)
Anything else you'd like to share: It will be a year since I started watching the show by myself (yeah, before that, I had to do it by deault because my bf like it) and to be honest, I never imagined I would actually enjoy SP... I was very reluctant about it... mostly because I was used to the anime style... now I´m more open about many things than before and learned not to be so serious about everything and that´s why this show will always have a special place in my heart ;w; 
Please excuse my writing. ^^!

Dec. 27th, 2012



(no subject)

Name/Nickname: Holly

Age: 30

What's in your journal: in formerdinosaur there's mostly SP fanfic

Favorite SP Episode(s): The Return of the Fellowship of the Lord of the Rings, Make Love, Not Warcraft, Helen Keller: The Musical - ugh, so many. Actually the movie is probably my favorite thing they've ever done, I wish they'd do another one.

Favorite SP Character(s): I can't live without Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny or Butters, can't choose

Favorite SP Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle. Cartman/Butters, secretly love Damien/Pip

Do you actively participate in SP fandom: yep

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: cats, drinking, baseball

Other fandoms you like: At present, all others are annoying me, but I'm making an effort with Alexander the Great/Hephaistion historical slash

Anything else you'd like to share: I hope we can all be more candid with each other and less shy in the new year <3

Dec. 28th, 2012

mmm mleko



Name/Nickname: vick
Age: 23
What's in your journal: nothing right now, lmao. every attempt i've ever made at being active on LJ has ended in disaster, i'm just much more at place on tumblr
Favorite SP Episode(s): elementary school musical, free hat, super fun time, mystery of the urinal deuce
Favorite SP Character(s): kyle's always been my favorite but i have no real set ranking for the kids, i love them all ♥
Favorite SP Pairing(s): too many... stylendy is probably my top one but my sp shipping world is a clusterfuck of polyamory and it's hard for me to rank them them as well, weh
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: i post silly drawings on my sp tumblr and help out a bit with the spbooru
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: animals (cephalopods, doggies, crocodilians, sharks, and moths are my favorites), hoarding music, stupid comedy movies, making clumsy attempts at translating japanese stuff, computer dickery in general
Other fandoms you like: touhou, jojo's bizarre adventure, pokemon, eb/mother series, yume nikki and the various fangames (yume 2kki, .flow, etc)
Anything else you'd like to share: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67GlPKlJsN4

Dec. 27th, 2012



(no subject)

Name/Nickname: mari
Age: 19
What's in your journal: currently nothing at all. in the future nothing important like whiny more detailed updates about big bang fic. basically if it's condensed and unimportant even to me it goes on tumblr, anything that crosses my low standard of value will make it to lj
Favorite SP Episode(s): that's a big question. it would honestly be easier to list the episodes i hate
Favorite SP Character(s): kyle, stan, christophe, tweek, wendy, bebe, butters, sheila, liane, pip
Favorite SP Pairing(s):stan/kyle, christophe/kyle, i would say craig/tweek and damien/pip in theory but there's so rarely anything written involving those two that i actually like.
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: yep
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: huge comic book geek. science geek. hardcore sports fan. anything related to horror and sci-fi. i am also attempting to learn how to art. it is going slowly and poorly.
Other fandoms you like: like? none. know about/have participated in? DC universe (mainly vertigo at this point), marvel universe, various mythologies
Anything else you'd like to share: i am a total asshole
DW Doctor/Master Rainbow



Name/Nickname: Nowhere
Age: 22
What's in your journal: Nothing good. Most entries have been set to private. I haven’t updated it in forever, since no one ever looks at it. I would like use it more actively again though. Post art and stuff.
Favorite SP Episode(s): I love a lot of episodes, most of which I can’t think of right now. Ones that do come to mind include The Wacky Molestation Adventure, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, South Park is Gay, and Cartman Finds Love.
Favorite SP Character(s): Kyle, Stan, Craig, and Kenny.
Favorite SP Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle are my absolute OTP, with Craig/Kenny a close second. But besides them, I have a ton of pairings, ranging from CraigxTweek to TokenxKyle to Profile!StanxUser!Stan. I ship almost everything. I think DamienxPip and Butters pairings are like the only things I don’t ship.
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: Yeeeees. On both DeviantArt and Tumblr as xnowherex. I draw fanart of all different sorts. Episode based, AUs, cutesy, romance, friendship-y, weird, naughty…
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Reading, Sims games, collecting dumb stuff, music, watching movies, crafts, researching random stuff.
Other fandoms you like: Currently Rise Of the Guardians, The Walking Dead, and Once Upon A Time.
Anything else you'd like to share: I’m a psych major who just finished a Human Sexuality class and a Thanatology class, so I’m busting with information about death/dying/grieving and sex/sexuality. I can also tell you, based on a psych standpoint, which ships would be likely to be successful and which would be likely to breakup.


call me pornstar chan

Name/Nickname: Nat
Age: 18
What's in your journal: I'm actually new to livejournal. I'll use it entirely dedicated to South Park, since there's nothing more i can think of in my free time.I probably will stalk you all and leave creepy comments once in a while.
Favorite SP Episode(s): Good Times with Weapons, hmm. just to mention something. It's so hard to decide. I liked that episode a lot because it was almost as if South Park were a real anime and i know that's what we all want. Not really, i just love to see Butters getting hurt.
.Favorite SP Character(s): Butters. I think he's a funny and interesting character, even though i don't like how they handle his personality in most of the new episodes. Besides Butters i like Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Wendy.
Favorite SP Pairing(s): I love every character so much i don't think there is a pairing i actually dislike. My otps are Cartman/Butters and Stan/Kyle. I also like Craig/Clyde, Cartman/Wendy, Karen/Kenny. And of course, Towelie/Clyde frog.
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: This one made me laugh because i spend most of the time drawing South Park fanart. That is my life. (I'm pornstar-butters on tumblr)
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: baking, fashion, politics, alien porn, watching movies with my brother and obsessively searching for guro artists.
Other fandoms you like: I used to be in the Silent Hill fandom, then got a bit into Hetalia...but i have to admit i never was a "fandom" person. I just liked to spend the day reading obscure sci-fi manga and playing bizarre videogames. In fact, South Park is the first fandom that encouraged me to draw a lot and participate.
Anything else you'd like to share: Right now i'm drawing mpreg Stan pouring milk.


I hope im doing this right

Name/Nickname: Arvy
Age: 19
What's in your journal: i only recently joined but sp art/discussions most likely
Favorite SP Episode(s): i have a suive-like memory for names but the one with the baseball games that no one wants to win. and the mysterion saga. and even though they break my heart You're getting old and Assburgers
Favorite SP Character(s): Stan!
Favorite SP Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle. I also like Butters/Kenny :'D and Cartman/wendy >.> to some extent
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: eeee sort of I guess, I draw a shit load of fanart but i feel like most of it is AUs or just stan/kyle. I try my best! er but the fandom seems so...spread out? or just dissipating i'm not sure. hopefully than can change?
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: i like writing and arthurian legend hehe and I play guitar ^^
Other fandoms you like: avengers -.- its so heart warming i don't know. i watch so much tv and film but can't seem to work my way into any other fandom than sp. i'm absolutely obsessed with Inception, but its difficult to get involved when you only seem able to draw obnoxious kids AHA
Anything else you'd like to share: umm, well i wanna get back into the spirit of the fandom! and erm all you writers should sign up for the SPBB this year!

Dec. 26th, 2012



Hello! :3

Name/Nickname: Jizena
Age: 25
What's in your journal: Nothing really, yet, but hope to start using it for SP fandom-related things, here, soon~
Favorite SP Episode(s): Too many! I feel like my favorites keep changing a lot, but I pretty consistently love seasons 9 and 12, the Mysterion eps, and anything along the 'kids being kids, shit gets blown out of proportion' line, like The List, Guitar Queer-O, Marjorine, etc. And I generally enjoy all the musical numbers, too.
Favorite SP Character(s): Kyle and Stan have always been my top faves, and Kenny's up there, too, though I pretty much love the vast majority of the recurring cast.
Favorite SP Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle at #1, equal love for Cartman/Wendy & Cartman/Butters, and Kenny/Wendy has been an increasing interest lately; also Clyde/Bebe, Craig/Clyde and occasional K2
Do you actively participate in SP fandom: Sortakinda and definitely want to start doing more!! I participated in SPBB, SPRMB and the Secret Santa this year and loved it ^^ I sometimes liveblog during the new eps on tumblr and with support/input from my friend Rosie, I write an ongoing if slow-posting fic based on the superhero arc on ffnet.
Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: I'm an actor and I (try to) write music a lot, and mess around on my ukulele or piano whenever I get stressed out, which is stupidly often.  Music, theatre, baking, wine & cheese appreciation and watching cartoons pretty much sums up my life though.
Other fandoms you like: Other Trey & Matt stuff (currently especially Book of Mormon), I dunno if this is really 'fandom' but I listen to many different kinds of music and love talking about artists and sharing music; I don't really participate in the fandoms but I actively watch/read: Avatar/Legend of Korra; Gravity Falls; Adventure Time; Monty Python; Disney things; books by Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket; very recently Doctor Who.  I also read Jhonen Vasquez things and should probably finish posting the Invader Zim fic I wrote forever ago >.<
Anything else you'd like to share: I have a deathly fear of insects, own too many hats, overuse emoticons at times, and I'm excited about the idea of this meme :3

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