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February 2013

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_confunded_ in sp_friendmeme


Name/Nickname: Emily, confunded on ff/ao3/DA, xfearcutsdeeperthanswords on Tumblr

Age: 23

What's in your journal: Nothing really. I made my entire journal private, since most of it was angsty stuff from between the ages 13 and 20, but I made a new post for the new year and will hopefully start using it again for both personal and fandom things.

Favorite SP Episode(s): Tonsil Trouble, Guitar Queero, Cartmanland, Lil' Crime Stoppers, The List, Follow That Egg, Smug Alert

Favorite SP Character(s): Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle. And then Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Bebe in that order. Kyle has the top five spots to himself.

Favorite SP Pairing(s): Style and Kyman mostly (lol BLASPHEMY). I like others, but those are the two I actually care about. I don't really ship people who I ship with Kyle with other people who aren't Kyle, so by "I like others" I mean pairings like... Crenny, Clyde/Bebe, Kenny/Wendy, etc.

Do you actively participate in SP fandom: Ehhh. Yes and no? I have done things, but not for some time. I think I'm someone who people might vaguely know so I'm not quite a lurker, but I definitely do not churn out art and fanfic (though I'd like to!). I'm probably best known for the RP OverBlogging, my work with Labyrinth1n3, and the Kyman oneshot One Word to Describe Myself, all from like 1-2 years ago.

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: I love to read and play video games (chiefly, The Sims 3 and World of Warcraft), and I'm a huge food buff. I bartend, so naturally I also like alcohol and the mixing of it. I listen to hipster music that is probably too popular to actually be considered hipster music anymore. I used to RP, but not anymore. My undergrad degree is in History and eventually I'll be a teacher.

Other fandoms you like: The other fandom that I've participated in is Hey Arnold (and HP a long long long time ago - woo Ron/Draco!), though I'm also pretty obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Tolkien-verse things, The Walking Dead, and The Legend of Zelda.

Anything else you'd like to share: Uhh... I'd really like to feel connected to fandom/the people in it, which Tumblr really isn't capable of providing. So I'm excited about this attempt to bring things back to LJ in a way. I'm glad to see so many people are on the same page. :)



I still owe you and email from like, a month ago, I'm the worst emailer I'm sorry. ;n; But if you aren't too annoyed with me, we should be friends <3
Hey! YES YOU DO, but don't worry, I'm not annoyed at all. And of course we can be friends!
No lie, I told my family one of my new years resolutions was to "reply to that person on the internet" and they just kind of sighed at me.
I just went to like that comment and realized this was LiveJournal, I'm so confused and not used to this platform anymore fbwerifnhsk
I knowww, I still try to reblog things and get really upset when I can't. We will learn. Maybe.