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February 2013

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brimbelle in sp_friendmeme

i'm boreeed so helloo

Name/Nickname: Stéph (paramecie on Tumblr/Miberry on FF.net because i like to have a lot of nicknames.)

Age: 22

What's in your journal: nothing right now but maybe one day

Favorite SP Episode(s): Too manyyy. Ginger kids, It's Christmas in Canada, Christian Rock Hard, The Wacky Molestation Adventure, ...

Favorite SP Character(s): Staaaan stan StAN stan. And then Kyle, Wendy, Butters, Gregory, Ze Mole, Ike, and Cartman. But basically i like everyone.

Favorite SP Pairing(s): Stan/Kyle. Greg/Mole, Kenny/Butters or Cartman/Butters, Cartman/Wendy and i know it's crack but sometimes, Wendy/Ike appeals to me (When they grow up of course). They kind of have a similar personnality i dunno

Do you actively participate in SP fandom: Hm i post some drawings on my tumblr

Interests/Hobbies outside of fandom: Make-up, fashion, partying, SCIENCES, finding the weirdest video on youtube, cooking, music, traveling, indie video games (Super Meat Boy \o/), animals

Other fandoms you like: Adventure Time, Supernatural, Community, LOTR, The Walking Dead, Good omens, but mostly just SP, i'm more of a lurker in others fandoms.

Anything else you'd like to share: Thank you for this meme, boredom was killing me. Anyway, it's actually the first fandom i'm trying to talk with the English-speaking part, because i'm an insecure girl about my English skills ;w;


Hi there, and welcome :)

Two quick comments: First, your English looks just fine, so no worries there!

Second, regarding pairings, I like to think nothing is too unusual to work. This about sums up mine :o)


And thank you :3

Woaaah that's quite a big list of OTPs. I LIKE THAT. At least you always find what you like in fanarts/fanfics! But I bet there's still one of them you like more than the others. Just a little more. :D
It took a few anxious moments for me to even FIND mine (Kenny/Butters, in the center of the eleventh row :o) ) ...I expected Stan/Kyle to be first, but was amazed that this obvious combination was so far down the list.

A few of those prompted me to search through the FF.N index looking for stories involving some of the more offbeat pairings. It was an eye opening experience ;)
Kenny/Butters yesss I haven't even considered it when I first got in the fandom but then I found some fics about them and just, it works. The Hawaii episode with the two of them was a great surprise :3
Haha it's funny actually, because I didn't expect to fall for Stan/Kyle since I tend to like forgotten pairings in fandoms.

I should do like you, because Clyde/Kenny on your list appeals to me now lol